Bottle Wars

Marcus and I are declaring war against the baby bottle! I am ashamed to admit that Lucas is 14 months and still on a bottle. I am ashamed because 1) I thought for sure he would be off a bottle by now and 2) I have probably sneered my nose at other parents who have similar situations (2 year olds still on a pacifier, 1 year olds still sleeping with parents, etc). Nevertheless, he is still on a bottle and refuses to drink from a sippy cup.

To defend myself, I introduced him to the sippy cup at 6 months-just like I did with Lauren. She took to it right away with no problem. Lucas refused it right away. I did not press the issue because he was 6 months and I had time of course. We re-introduced it at 8 months or so and got the same reaction. Still no worries-we had time. My goal is that he would be off the bottle when he turned 1, so I still had time. Tried again at 10 months-same reaction. By this time, I started getting a little nervous, but talked to some other parents who convinced me that between 11-12 months, he would just “get it” and would go with the sippy cup. They were WRONG!

I have bought every sippy cup imaginable. You could literally shop in my cupboards. We have every spout, color, shape, price range, etc. All to no avail. Well, Lucas turned 1 and he has refused every sippy cup with a hatred. When he sees it coming, he throws up the “talk to the hand” sign.

I talked to the pediatrician and she had no sympathy. She said to take away the bottle completely and that eventually he would drink from a cup. Well, we tried that for 2 weeks and he was steadfast and did not drink any milk at home during those two weeks! We stopped the cup after that because he was sick and was about to have his ear tube surgery.  He has been on a bottle ever since then for the last month.

So , here we are still on the bottle, but Marcus and I have waged war and enough is enough. We have talked to his teachers at school and we have decided at home-NO MORE BOTTLE!

I am not quite sure why Lucas refuses to take a sippy cup. i would have never thought that we would still be talking about this at 14 months. If there are any suggestions out there or if anyone has gone through the same thing, please help us out!

Better stay tuned to find out who will win the war….


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