War-Day One

This was day one of the bottle war between us and Lucas! It was a rough day for all involved. I called his school after his first feeding of the day and they said that Lucas had refused to drink out of a cup. They tried all 6 cups they had and he refused every one. They took the top off and he drank a couple of sips and then took a nap. I felt bad, but yet still determined. After all, it had just been a few hours.

Well, I called after lunch time and this time I could hear him in the background wailing. She said he again refused the cup at lunch time despite all their efforts. They were presently holding and consoling him trying to get him to drink. I felt real bad, but just kept reminding myself it was just day 1.

I picked him up this afternoon hoping to get a good report, but also doubting that anything had changed. My second thought was true-nothing had changed. He still had not drank any milk. His teacheer even went out and bought him two new cups and he refused those as well. So, it was now my turn to endure him as we drove home.

At home, we had the same fate. No luck whatsoever with the cup. He refused his dinner at first and we just put him down out of his highchair as he screamed. Marcus got an open cup and poured water in it to give to him. He grabbed the cup and sucked it down like he had been camping in the Sahara! He managed to drink two cups of water almost. Half of it probably ended up on his clothes, but at least he had something. I felt bad, but also relieved knowing at least he would not go to bed dehydrated. We will renew our efforts tomorrow.

To be continued….


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