Bottle Wars, Week 2

We are starting the 2nd week of the bottle war…yes, yes the war is still on. We are attempting to wean Lucas off the bottle and get him to drink out of a sippy cup. When we started this last Monday, I thought it would take 2-3 days and he would be on a sippy cup. Not so. Lucas has yet to drink out of the sippy cup unless you count the forced sips we and his teachers are trying to get down. He will drink sips of water and juice from an open cup (that someone has to hold for him) and through a straw. At most though, he may be getting 4-8 0z. per day which is nothing compared to the 24-32 oz. liquid he was getting a day.

The pediatrician said not to worry and that he would not dehydrate himself. I am beyond frustration and confusion. I have never heard of a baby refusing to put his lips on a sippy cup and drink. Everyone I talk to has no suggestions to offer or consolation to give. All I hear is that when he gets thirsty, he will drink.

 I am not a believer! In 7 days he has surely gotten thirsty and sips is all he has taken. How thirsty does he have to get? He sure was plenty thirsty before we took the bottle away. Anyways, we will continue for now and see what happens.

I am open to all prayers and all suggestions…sigh.


One thought on “Bottle Wars, Week 2

  1. One possibility to think about is that all the milk or drink he took before from the bottle may not have been all because he was thirsty but could have been because he liked the bottle (the sucking, found it soothing/comforting like a paci, etc.) As you wean off the bottle you’re replacing the milk with calories from food so they’re not supposed to be drinking as much anyway. I think 4 ounces or less at a sitting is about right. Hang in there! He’ll get it. He’ll decide in his own time. And good idea to let him try a regular cup and straws. Does he cry for the bottle or just refuse the cup?

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