Show me the Money

Show me the money! Show me my Alabama state income tax refund that is. Tomorrow will be six weeks since our state return was accepted and approved, but we have yet to receive it. We did e-file and also did direct deposit. At that time, it stated the money should be in our account within 8-14 business days. That time has come and gone.

It  has never taken this long for a refund to come back. When I first went to the website to inquire, I received a message that our refund would be issued in the “due course” of business. Due course was 8-14 business days in my opinion.

I then “googled” it to see if I was the only one in this dilemma. I found out I was not and that other fellow Alabamians were enduring the same slow process.  Also, I found an article that stated that due to the economy, the state was not able to hire the influx of part time workers they usually do to help expedite and process refunds. Hence, the reason for the delay I guess.

Well, I checked the website again tonight on our refund status and this is the message I received this time:

Refunds are being issued from 6 to 8 weeks following approval, but this turnaround time will increase as April 15 approaches. Refunds are issued from the Education Trust Fund as fund balances allow. Thank you for your patience and please be assured the ADOR is doing everything possible to expedite your refund’s approval and issuance.

Hmmm…as fund balances allow??? That  means I could or could not receive my refund? I am not sure I like the sound of that.

Alabama-just show me the money!


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