New Car

We finally got a new car after a few months of searching. I guess technically it is not new on 2 fronts: 1)it is a used vehicle, but new to us and 2)we have now had it about 2 months. Anyways, I love it and I am glad we have it.

We needed a bigger SUV to accommodate the not so new, but still new addition (Lucas) and to also accommodate my 6’6 husband and long-legged daughter. We had our Ford Explorer for 8 years and it was now time for a space upgrade.

Our first choices were the Infiniti QX56 or the Nissan Armada. We could not find the price or colors we liked. We then added Ford Expedition to the list and found plenty, but not one with all the features, right color, etc.

Next was the Lincoln Navigator. This was always on my list, but Marcus did not fully agree. Well, we ended up finding one online and went to go see it and fell in love with it. It was on the Porsche lot (of all places) and was immaculate. So, we made an offer that night and picked it up the next day.

000_0018We both love it and are proud of the purchase. It has a third row seat, plenty space, and lots of options. My favorite options thus far are the heated seats (love it!) and the special kid rear mirror. 000_0019 Nothing like a new car!


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