Movie Review-Fireproof

My husband and I watched the most talked about movie Fireproof this weekend. Yes, I know…we are late. Everyone has been talking about this popular Christian movie about marriages. It was a huge hit around Valentine’s Day. I heard that several churches showed it that weekend as a movie treat for couples.

We watched it and both loved it. Marcus and I are not movie watchers at all because it is hard to find anything Christian and non-vulgar these days. Even the “good” movies are suspect and will slip in profanity, sex, and the usual secular fare. So, we made a commitment over two years ago to consciously not attend, watch or buy secular movies.

 So, when people raved about this and gave it the name “Christian movie”, we were indeed skeptical. I asked lots of questions because everyone’s ideas of what is good and OK to watch differ from ours. Someone shared with me that it was a clean movie and so clean that the lead actor (Kirk Cameron) actually flew his wife in for the last scene where he kisses his wife! That was impressive. That does not happen in Hollywood!

Anyways, the movie has a simple, yet realistic plot. It tells of a young couple married for seven years that have reached a point of so-called incompatibility and are headed for divorce. The movie has an interesting twist as the husband begins to find a relationship with the Lord as he attempts to woo his wife back.

I won’t tell the rest of the story. I will leave some for you to watch. It is a must see for couples! Cuddle up and watch with your spouse and see if your marriage is fireproof??


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