First Haircut

Another kid milestone: Lucas got his first haircut a few weeks ago. Traditionally, I think most people get the first haircut when their kids turn 1. We waited a little while longer mostly because Daddy was not up for the challenge of transitioning from baby to toddler. But, his hair continued to grow and was starting to look wild!

So, the mission began. Marcus said he wanted to do the first cut and he proceeded to cut it with his clippers. Lucas was not happy. It took both Lauren and I to hold him and keep him from wailing. Marcus finished as best he could, but it was not in tip top shape. He then tried to finish it up with scissors. By this time, Lucas was committed to defend himself against anyone and anything that came within 5-10 inches from his face!

A few days passed and I still was not pleased with his hair and we both decided he needed to go and get a professional haircut. We ended up taking him to a lady who had done my hair before. The experience was much better this time. He sat on my lap while I fed him apple juice and a cereal bar. He munched away and she cut away. She used the clippers and we got his hair lower than Marcus did originally. Within 5 minutes, my baby started to look all grown up:)


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