Low Price Leader Re-design

I am not a fan of Wal-mart. Any of them. Granted, some are better than others. But, overall it is on my “go if I have to” list. Why? Because they are dirty and crowded. There are always pallets in every aisle and no matter when you go, it always seems to be the stocking time where they are putting items on the shelf. You spend half of your time reaching across the guy stocking spaghetti so you can get a bottle of spaghetti sauce only to find it sitting by a broken spaghetti jar with sauce running down it. Just plain dirty.

Or my favorite Wal-mart “ism” is the lack of customer service. It never fails that when you need help and you see an associate to ask for help, the candid response is “I don’t work in this department!” Then why, oh why are you over here in this department??

Well, on a recent trip to Wal-mart, I discovered some interesting news. I walked in the store and went down one of the freezer aisles and there was the familiar sight: a Wal-mart associate stocking of course. I looked again and she was actually taking things out of the freezer and placing them in a buggy. I asked if the items were bad and she stated no. She said they were about to relocate those items to a different freezer. I kept shopping and noticed on every aisle, things had been moved and the store was changing around. I finally had to know what was going on.

I asked one of the associates if they were about to move or close down this store and he said no. He said they were remodeling and getting rid of all the pallets/displays in the center aisles all over the store! I was shocked. He said that they would no longer carry items in the center aisles in an effort to have wider aisles and more walking space. Unbelievable!

I came home and searched the Internet to see if all the Wal-marts were under re-design. I found an article saying they were testing the new designs in 1800 locations initially and may increase from there. I must say that I am surprised at Wal-mart’s efforts and look forward to shopping in this cluter-free store. Now if we can just work on the cleanlinees and customer service…well, then we would have Target!


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