Beautiful Music

FJ-S4167I am a proud Mommy! Lauren had her first solo piano recital tonight and she did great. She played the “Bat Hat Cat Flat” Song by Satish Bhatka. It is a cute, fun song that introduces music flats in a whimsical way. She was extremely nervous, much more than I thought she would be. She told me she was scared because of all the people that would be there. She then told me she was really afraid the audience would yell “Encore, Encore!” As I fought back the laughter, I told her that no one would say that and it was nothing to worry about.  And then I am wondering where did she get that word and how did she know about it-she’s 5! I then asked her if she knew what the word meant and she said “Yes, Mommy ( as if I had no clue), it means to play it again!” At that point, I had to laugh at her young wisdom and innocence.

She was near the end on the program and I think that helped her be able to see some of the other students perform and lose the nervousness. She walked great on the stage, performed her piece on the grand piano and took an excellent bow. We were proud parents. All I have to say is….Encore! 000_0014


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Music

  1. Yea that was funny. And the funnier part was that she pronounced “Ncore!” To her, that was the phonetic way to pronounce it and I had to go round and round with her that the way she said it was not the correct pronunciation.

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