A Note from the Teacher

When you receive notes from your child’s teacher, there is always a 50% chance it could be good and a 50% chance it could be bad. Well, I received an note from Lauren’s teacher this weekend and this is how it read:

Do you think it would be possible for Lauren to prepare and deliver a short (5-minute) speech at the graduation ceremony Tuesday night? Whenever I have a student who can read, I like the people to know that, to hear her competence. Mrs. Grice and Mrs. Trent are already impressed; let’s “share the joy!”
Let me know, please. . .
Carolyn Petty

I was humbled, excited and proud as I read her email. Lauren had mentioned to me a month ago that Mrs. Petty had asked her if she wanted to read something at graduation. I assumed it was a scripture, a pledge, etc. Nothing had come home for her to practice, so I was not sure if that was still going to happen. I had made a mental note to call her teacher on Monday just to make sure.

Then when I received this email, I was completely surprised. Delivering a speech at your kindergarten graduation is mush different than reading a scripture. Wow is all I can say! Lauren has definitely been blessed with a gift to read at such a young age and I am proud and honored that she gets a chance to share her gift at her graduation Tuesday night.  I told Lauren about it and asked her if she wanted to do it. She was slightly hesitant at first. But, I explained to her that it was a great opportunity and one that would not come again. I also told her she would get a gift for her graduation and that if she did the speech, she could get another special treat..anything she wanted to pick. She was sold after the special treat deal:)

Guess what she picked as her special treat- a trip to the library! I am proud of her and she has not even delivered her speech yet. And I am thankful to God for his blessings upon her.

This is one note from the teacher that was 100% good! Stay tuned to hear how graduation went. Now, I have to go and write something for her to say…


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