New Family Member

We celebrated a new addition to the family last weekend! My niece had a little boy last Friday and he was born healthy at 5.5 lbs. and 19 inches long.  He is named after his father and his name is DeAvion Keith and we will call him DJ for short.

I am excited to have a brand new nephew and I am ready to start the spoiling process. He is different from my other nieces and nephews in that he is the first one born since I have been in my adult years where I could spoil. My youngest niece/nephew before him is 14 years old. I have a total of 3 nieces and 3 nephews ranging from ages 14 to 22. I first became an aunt at the age of 12 and that was not cool to me at the time. Things obviously are different now that I am all grown up and have kids of my own.

We welcome DJ to the family and look forward to spoiling him rotten! Then, of course, we will send him home spoiled rotten. I am pretty sure that is what an aunt is supposed to do!


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