21st Century Telemarketing

Let’s be honest. Most people hate telemarketers. With the wave of cell phones and caller ID, there are a lot of people that have either ditched their house phone or just plain do not answer it.

Well, things have changed when it comes to telemarketing. Apparently there is a new wave of telemarketing designed to at the very least keep people on the phone a few seconds longer before the big “hang-up.” What I mean is that now when a telemarketer calls or leaves you a voice mail, they talk like you guys are high school buddies. In days past, they had a professional “speech”. It was dry, formal and to the point. It went something like this: “Hello, Mrs. Mason this is Anne Smith from Global Water Systems and I would like to talk to you today about buying a water filtration system…. But, now the calls have morphed into something like this: “Hi Barbara, this is Anne. It is so great to be able to catch up with you this evening and I hope I am not interrupting supper. I just wanted to chat with you about the new water filtration system we want to send you. It is going to be fabulous that we will be great partners in this! BFF Best Friends Forever” 

What is that? Do not call my house acting like we were in 10th grade together when literally you are seconds away from a dial tone. For a moment, you sit there confused asking yourself “Do I know this person?” They just come across so casual and familiar that you are a bit delayed.

I imagine that some high dollar marketing professionals were tasked with the innovative idea of how to prolong the “hang-up.” How else do you explain this 21st century telemarketing ploy?


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