Leadership Lessons

The Leadership Secrets of Colin PowellI  like and can appreciate books on leadership. Over the past few years, I have gotten into that and always look to see what new books other managers have collected on leadership. I ran across a book about Colin Powell’s leadership lessons and have been pleased with it.

I was given a PowerPoint presentation that goes over his 18 lessons on leadership and in an effort to find more about him, I ran across his book. The book expounds on the 18 lessons and what they mean. I am doing this book and presentation with my leadership team at work. We cover 2 lessons a month and have discussion questions around it. We did it the first month and they love it! It is a great read and tool for anyone who likes to read leadership books.

Just a sample: the 1st leadership lesson is this-“Being responsible as a leader means sometimes pissing people off.”  WOW! That is a great lesson that a lot of leaders may feel uncomfortable around. But, there are numerous times that leaders want to play Mr./Mrs. Nice Guy and not address problem performers. Because of this, Colin explains that we ironically end up pissing off the people who are the most valued and creative in the organization.

This book has allowed my leadership team to have some candid discussions about their style of leadership and how they can improve. A must read for all leaders!


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