Reunited and Addicted

Reunited and it feels so good…..that is what the song says and I am living it. I connected back on Facebook 3 days ago and wow is all I can say. I have stayed up late the past 2 nights Facebooking and not getting enough. When I was on FB previously, I just didn’t get it? My idea is that you sit there and type every little move you make. For what? And I do not remember seeing that many “friends” out there. Granted, I checked my FB account maybe once a month for a few minutes.

Well, since I did not get the whole concept, I deactivated my account and moved on. That was at least 6-8 months ago. In the meantime, I keep hearing all this buzz about Facebook and Twitter.

I decided to try Twitter last week and I do not know if I am a fan yet or not. But, then I got the notion to try FB again. Within minutes of me logging in, I started getting hits and seeing tons of people from high school, college, etc. It was simply amazing. I do not remember all these people being out there 8 months ago. I have had the best time catching up with old friends. It is like a high school reunion online. I can see now how people get addicted to Facebook.

I am reunited and it feels so good….


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