How the Flu Began…

It was a normal Tuesday night. We had put the kids to bed and Marcus and I had retired into the office to check email, dabble on Facebook, etc. We got ready to go to bed and we both remarked that our noses were stopped up. No big deal and we went to bed.

Good morning Wednesday! I woke up Wednesday at 4am as usual and still had a stuffy nose. As I left the house, Marcus said his nose was still stuffy as well. We both thought it was maybe the fan, night air, etc or at the very least a cold.

I went on to work and as I prepared for my 7:30 am meeting, I asked my admin if she had some medicine because my head was starting to feel clogged. She got me some Tylenol Sinus and I felt it working during the meeting and I started to feel better. I go about my day as normal.

Fast forward to 11:30 am-I am now preparing for a lunch meeting and I walk into the room and I am freezing cold. That was not so unusual and there were others already donning their jackets too. The meeting lasted 3 hours and over the course of that time, I went from a stuffy nose to chills, fever, severe body aches, and lethargy.  I felt awful. After the meeting, I called Marcus and told him I was not feeling well and surprisingly he said he did not feel good either.

I left work and went to the walk-in clinic by our house and an hour later, I was diagnosed with the flu, possibly the swine flu. Within two hours after that, Marcus and Lauren also had the same diagnosis. What started as a normal Wednesday ended with 3/4 of the entire Mason family down with the flu.  Lucas was also sick because he had been diagnosed with an ear infection 3 days prior!  I did not have the words to even express what I was feeling.

It is one thing to have both of the parents sick at the same time with no family to help.  But you just add another layer when both parents and both kids are sick all at the same time AND there is no family in sight.  Then the other thing is that we were sick with the “flu” wondering if it was the dreaded H1N1 “swine” flu that has sent the world into a frenzy. We tested positive for strain A, but the doctor said there is no way to know for sure if it is the swine flu because the CDC will no longer allow physicians to send tests in unless the individuals are high risk (elderly, pregnant, or infants).  So,…the treatment is apparently the same and she prescribed us all a host of medicine. 

I guess it is pretty safe to say that yes we had the H1N1 flu because that is the only flu strain going around right now and there is no other flu surviving in July! That thought was enough to scare us. How in the world did we end up with the strain that has caused the world to be close to a pandemic? We had not been around anyone sick at all. We went to Chattanooga last weekend, so we thought maybe there was someone sick in the hotel prior to us getting there or maybe we encountered it at the aquarium. I guess we will never know where we got it.

Well, five days have passed and we are nearing the end of all of our $300 meds and are feeling better.  We are grateful to be on the other side and grateful that we survived the last 5 days with all of us being sick. It was a rough time that we will not soon forget and one that we do not ever have to repeat. 

Wednesdays are supposed to be “hump days”, not the beginning of a swine flu pandemic at the Mason residence. Please forgive my anxiety the next time I have a stuffy nose!


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