Dreaded Female Visit

It comes once a year, but it is the dreaded female visit of the year. I am talking about the annual OB/GYN pap smear visit every woman should have.  Mine was due in February and I just got mine over and done with yesterday. There is nothing nice about having to go and get your female parts examined by a male or a female. It is the ultimate invasion of privacy.

First of all, it felt weird being at the OB office without being pregnant. The majority of my OB memories are filled with waddling in the office to hear a heartbeat, take a glucose test, ultrasounds, and the like. To go in and not be pregnant, trying to be pregnant or wondering if you are pregnant seems weird when those were the reasons before. However, I must say that the OB visits seem much more palatable when you are pregnant. I think you get used to undressing, sitting on the cold table, and being examined over and over again.  By the ninth month, it is completely a part of what you do and there are no more qualms or hesitation about it.

Well, it had been obviously 18 months since I had been with child, so yesterday’s visit was filled with hesitancy and discomfort. My doctor though is great (shout out to Dr. Jon Adcock!) and made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. Before I knew it, it was over and I had made it through one more year! Hopefully, I do not have to worry about that until next year.

P.S. On a serious note, I encourage all my female readers to schedule your annual visit in spite of the dread. I strongly believe in them and it is important to know as early as possible if something is wrong with our bodies. So, get over the fear and schedule your appointment today if you have not had one this year! It is worth it.


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