Messiah’s Mansion

During a church event this summer, our church brought in a special exhibit entitled Messiah’s Mansion. It is a full-scale model of the Mosaic sanctuary as described in the Bible. It was a very neat experience. All of the furniture and compartments of the sanctuary are made to scale according to the Bible’s measurements. They were on the campus of Oakwood University for a week and gave free 90-minute tours of the sanctuary. It was guided by college students that would explain each compartment and the articles of furniture and what they symbolized.

It was amazing to see in person, but it was even more amazing to see how the sanctuary represents the plan of salvation. You get a sense of how awesome God is to have a sanctuary as a pictorial representation of his love, what he sacrificed and how he paid an awesome price for us.

Messiah’s Mansion is mainly comprised of students from Oklahoma Academy and they travel from city to city to show this wonderful sanctuary replica. Check out the website ( to see when they will visit a city near you. It is a must see!


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