First Grade

1st Day of First Grade

1st Day of First Grade

Lauren has been an official 1st grader for about a month now and she is loving it. There are 8 kids in her class and she already knew over 1/2 of them. She loves her teacher thus far and is excited every day to get up and go to school. Each week they have 7 spelling words and a memory verse that have to practice each night. She reminds us every night to do her homework. She has made all 100’s on her tests thus far!

It is amazing to see the change in her as she is adjusting to first grade. She considers herself a big girl and makes sure she lets us know that. It is funny how she remarks about “the kindergartners” and how the first graders are big kids because they do not take naps and they get to stay on the playground longer. I just chuckle and ask myself should I remind her that she was one of those “kindergartners” less than six months ago?

I decide to sit quietly and let her enjoy being a first grader.


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