Gender Neutral Please

kb100gray On our recent family vacation, I became upset that the world has not adapted to 2009 by having gender neutral bathrooms when you are out with your kids. What do I mean? I mean why are there no diaper changing stations in most men’s bathrooms? Is it assumed that only women change kids’ diapers? What about single dads? What about a widower who has small kids?

Our daughter is the oldest, so our parenthood started off with me always being the one interrupted in the middle of dinner to have to take her to the bathroom. Or me always having to stop whatever family fun we are having to take her to the bathroom literally after I have asked her no less than 5 times 15 minutes ago before all the fun started. So..when we were pregnant with Lucas, one of the tiny joys was that Marcus now had someone he had to stop and take to the bathroom since he was a boy. Little did I know that lots of place just do not accomodate for that. At over 80% of the restaurants or attractions we went too, Marcus would come out of the bathroom with Lucas and a full diaper bag saying he could not change Lucas because there was no changing station in the men’s restroom. After several times of that, I was just plain upset. So upset I told him that the absence of a changing station was no excuse-he could still find a way to change Lucas’  diaper. I told him of the few times I have been places and they did not even have changing stations in the ladies’ restrooms. I have been on the counter in between sinks and I have had to do it on the floor.

Needless to say at the next stop and those after….all the men’s restrooms had diaper changing stations.


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