Organized and Lovin’ It

I consider myself a semi-organized person. I am not to the extreme of being anal retentive and neither am I a complete ball of disorganization. I live somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Well, I discovered a new product when I started with Alabama Power-Levenger Notebooks. They are nothing short of wonderful.

Levenger has a wide array of organizational office products. They are known for their leather bound notebooks. The cool thing about their notebooks is that the paper can slide in and out and can be placed wherever you want in the notebook. It is hole punched to fit the Levenger, but is not torn when you take it to place it somewhere else in your notebook.  I take it with me to every meeting and it has all of my important work information. I also have it tabbed for easy referencing.

Once you get one of these notebooks, you will not use a tablet, clipboard or legal pad again. It is well worth the money and you will be organized and loving it!


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