Proactiv Disappointment

IMG_0817I recently bought the Proactiv Skin Care Cleanse System and was thoroughly excited. I had seen countless commercials with Vanessa Williams proudly parading her flawless skin and always thought to myself if this product really worked. The before and after pictures were always amazing. I just assumed this product was great and carried a great price, so I did not give it much thought after that.

I was in the mall one day and they had a display and to my surprise, the beginner set was only $29.99. I excitedly bought it and was hoping for great results. I used it for 2 weeks and my skin turned worse than before I used it. All of a sudden, I had bumps breaking out on my face in a major way. I even stopped using it for a few days and then resumed the regimen. Even the 2nd time, I had the same poor results.

I was sorely disappointed. At the very least, I guessed it just may not turn my skin into a problem-free zone. But I did not think it would make my skin worse. Disappointing…don’t try this at home.


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