Weekend Snippet

Here is a quick snippet from my weekend:

I was at Costco pumping gas and talking to a friend on my cell phone. I was probably engaged in this for maybe 5 minutes. As I finish, I proceed to get in my car and as I am driving off, there is an older lady parked in front of me flagging me down to stop my car. I am already frustrated because I had Lucas screaming in the background and I was trying to talk on the phone.

But…. I thought maybe she needed some help so I put on a smile and rolled my window down. She has a scowl on her face and tells me that I can blow up the place by pumping gas and talking on my cell phone.  I smile and say thank you… only because my momma taught me to respect my elders. She continues running her trap and telling me I should know and do better because I have a baby in the back seat and what I am doing is dangerous.  At this point, I contemplate if I should run over her foot but I figure that the odds of that causing her to shut her mouth was nil because she was committed to keep talking and giving the last piece of her mind. Instead,  I  contemplate further and decide to make my momma proud…I just politely again give her a smile and say thank you.

I have never heard that cell phones and gas stations cause an explosion, so she could be completely accurate. But, did she have to tell me with such attitude and disgust as if I knew that information and I had a personal vendetta to blow up Costco and my baby in the process??

Give  me a break…there is a way to share information and that was not it. I was so mad when I left and I still am.  I hope by now letting the world know about it…I just might not run over the next old lady who flags me down at the gas station!!


One thought on “Weekend Snippet

  1. I had a similar experience when Finn was 1 and I left him in the car to buy sand pails at Dollar General. He was asleep, we were on our way home for his birthday party, they had what I needed outside, I calculated exact change, stood outside by the car until the line was gone and then darted inside and paid in less than 20 seconds, and the car was right in front of the door. Doesn’t make it 100% right, but neither does taking a napping baby out of the car for a 30 second purchase at Dollar General.

    The cellphone thing was tested on Mythbusters to be false, by the way. You can’t blow up your car by talking on the cellphone. You can start a fire while pumping gas by opening and closing car doors which creates static electricity. To prevent that, always touch a metal part of the car while opening or closing doors. And, if you see fire around the gas tank of your car don’t pull the pump out of the car, turn it off at the pump, leave it alone, get the baby and go tell the attendant. (Learned all that from Mythbusters)

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