New Car

In October, I was driving home one Sunday night coming home from Huntsville by myself. My car ran hot without me being aware of what was going on. It was too late to pull over by the time I knew there was a problem. How did I know? White smoke coming out of my tailpipe and then my car stopped in mid traffic.

Marcus had to pack the kids up in the car and come and get me. I was stranded completely. The next day, we had it towed to the mechanic and by 2pm that afternoon, I got the disturbing news that I had to get a new car. That call came 2 hours after another phone call from my boss telling me I was getting the promotion I had been interviewing for. I was thankful for my promotion, but also sad to part with my paid-for car. When I saw my Acura being towed away that day, I never thought I would not drive it again.  My Acura 3.2 TL was the 3rd car I have bought in my life and yes, it has sentimental value. I have a lot of memories in that car and did I mention it was paid for-that is the best memory of all??

Now, the Acura has caused me a few challenges along the way that I talked about. But, overall I would not have cashed it in yet on my own. It was a good car that I enjoyed and had minimal problems.

Marcus and I try to be debt avoiders and since our marriage, we have never had two car payments at one time on purpose. We just bought Marcus a new car in February, so we had not planned to get another car in the same year. But, I guess plans are just that-plans that sometimes do not go as planned.

So, we enter the market for another car and I set my heart on another Acura or a Lexus. I end up getting a black Lexus GS 430 and I love it!! I thought my Acura drove well, but this Lexus takes the cake. It has a lot of power and will go from 0 mph to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds!! I am happy with my choice and thankful for my promotion that pays for it:)


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