Lauren and Lucas at the Dentist

Lauren and Lucas had a joint dentist appointment this month. It was Lucas’ first visit to the dentist so Marcus and I both went for the security of the dentist. I was pretty sure that someone was going to change their profession by the time Lucas’ left the dentist office. I remember Lauren’s 1st visit and it was not pleasant. We practically had to hold her down. So, Lucas kept the Mason tradition. He was good as they placed him on the table, but as soon as she turned on the thing to clean his teeth, he began to wail. Wail loudly is what he did!! I felt sorry for him, but it was over soon and he was a trooper after that. I think he did not like the noise of the drill and cleaner. We survived though and afterwards he was all smiles as he played and watched TV.

Lauren had to go in and get a filling because she had her 1st cavity. I thought 6 was a bit young to have a cavity especially since I try so hard to watch what she eats and drinks. The dentist said it was not uncommon and can be hereditary. It must be those Mason genes and DNA! Anyway, they gave her “laughing gas” and she was a trooper as well and did wonderful.


3 thoughts on “Lauren and Lucas at the Dentist

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