A Sign of Growing Up

Our 6 year old daughter Lauren is growing up I guess. We had another reminder last week-she moved from taking baths to taking a shower! What started this was a camping trip this past weekend. Her daddy was telling her what to expect on the camping trip and he told her she would have to take a shower instead of a bath. Well..she immediately said she needed practice because she had never taken a shower before by herself.  She has been in the shower with me a few times, but never alone. And since Mommy was not going to be on the camping trip…I agreed that yes she should practice. She practiced all last week and was so excited and loved every minute of it. Needless to say, she is not interested in going back to a bath. Now that the camping trip is over, she insists on a shower and I have no grounds to say no except that a shower is “all grown up” and I would prefer a bath for “my baby.” Not a good solid reason huh? This is just a reminder that my baby is growing up and the simple things you take for granted like giving her a bath are slowly slipping away.  After pondering this…I am certain that Lucas will not see a camping trip until he is 20!


One thought on “A Sign of Growing Up

  1. OMG, that is so funny because we just had a similar experience with Finn. We were at the beach on Spring Break and the best way to get the sand off of them once back in the room was the shower, so I showered them both. Finn loved it and wants to do showers now all the time now! I should be sad about that because that’s one of those growing-up-too-fast things, but it is SUCH a time saver with him!!

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