Random Act of Kindness

We went out to dinner tonight and the night progressed normally without issues. The kids were well-behaved and ate quietly. The waitress was pleasant. She brought the check and laid it on the table.  We continued to eat as normal. As we neared the end of our meal, the waitress came by and took the check off the table and did not say a word. I looked at Marcus with a bit of confusion and asked him why she took the ticket. He said he thought maybe she gave us the wrong check. I was not completely buying that because I noticed she never looked at the ticket. She just picked it up while it was face down. She passed back by our table and asked her if she took our ticket and she replied “Yes.” I looked at Marcus again with confusion and now a little bit of frustration.

The waitress passed by again and I asked her if she could bring us the check and she just smiled and said “It’s been taken care of.”  I now looked real confused and shocked. She politely walked off and I turned to Marcus and said “What just happened?” He just smiled and said he was not sure but to just be thankful. I had to know more…Marcus insisted that I just let it go.  But of course I could not. So, at my next opportunity I asked the waitress what did she mean when she said the ticket was taken care of? She smiled again and said “God blesses in all kinds of ways!” She smiled again and walked off. I sat there with my mouth open and my heart filled with awe. I wanted so badly to know how it was taken care of and who did it, but it was obvious that she was not going to share any more than she did. I am still filled with amazement at who did that and why. It feels great that we still live in a world where kindness can be felt, but at the same time I felt a little cheated because I did not know who to thank.

But overall, the word that best describes how I feel is simply amazed and grateful.


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