First Time Shotgun

I can say that last week I did something I have never done before:skeet shooting. I can even say that before last week I was not sure what it was. I had never even heard of this a year ago and never knew anyone that did it. Within the last year, I have heard fellow co-workers discuss this and I had no idea what they were talking about and was too afraid to ask.

Anyways, at one of my meetings we had this activity as an option and I went to go watch. I quickly got interested as I watched them stand in the bay shooting these disks or targets. They offered me a chance to go and I politely declined and told them I had no clue about what to do. They finally coerced me and one of my plant managers decided he would be kind enough to be my teacher. It was even my first time holding a shotgun much less actually shooting one! I let him know to not assume I knew anything, but encouraged him to give me instructions as a complete novice.

After my quick tutorial, I let her rip and braced myself for the anticipated kickback from the 20-gauge shotgun. To my surprise, there was not much and I was so proud of myself for actually pulling the trigger. My instructor smiled and said “Congratulations on shooting…now aim!” That was my clue that I wasn’t even close to the target. I shot again the second time and got a little closer. He then gave me a quick lesson on aiming and how to hold the shotgun.

As I got up to the bay again, I pulled the trigger and to my surprise I hit the target!! I was so excited and was ready to pull it again. I continued to shoot a few more times and hit the target a total of three times that day. Pretty good for a first time shotgun!


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