Camping Trip #2

We ventured off on a family camping trip this summer with some friends and this was our second time to brave this journey. The first time we went camping was October 2006 and it was a good  experience I must say.  I would not call myself a bona fide outdoors person,but maybe outside neutral. I love being outside in the scenery or observing nature, but I don’t like the bugs that come with the outside. And when it comes to camping, I do well except when it is time to go to sleep and when it is time to go to the bathroom. Yea…I know you must be thinking those two things are vital huh? Yes they are and they are not avoidable by any costs when you are camping.

Our camping adventure was at Indian Boundary in Tellico Springs, TN and it was an absolute gorgeous area. The campsite was nice and even ground and the weather was unbelievably nice for it to be mid-June. The scenery was awesome and we were surrounded by tall beautiful trees.

There were several attractions on site as well as in the area. We went to a place called the Lost Sea Adventure where we went on an underground cave expedition that ended in a sea. We saw some interesting things and it had a unique history.

We had a great time but after two nights I was ready to return to my home and my bed. The best part about camping is the closeness you experience with your family and the immediate disconnect you experience from the daily cares. Even though I am not Ms. Outdoor Extraordinaire, I can manage a camping trip for at least 24-48 hours. I am game for Camping Trip #3…maybe next year.


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