School in Session

School is officially back in session after a nice enjoyable summer. Lucas moved to the 2 year old class and has a new teacher Ms. Stephany . There are 7 kids in his class which is nice. He has adjusted well so far. The biggest thing on the horizon for him is potty training. He knows his ABC, numbers 1-10, his colors and his shapes. At his open house, his teacher remarked that “Lucas is so sweet and very lovable.”

Lauren is in 2nd grade and has Mrs. Grice again as her teacher this year. She has 7 kids in her class also, 3 of which that returned from last year. She is doing 3rd grade spelling words and has made 100 on her spelling tests except one . She missed one word and made a 90 the 2nd week because she missed the word “scratch.” She is doing great in reading and in math. She now has homework nightly which consists of reading, spelling, and math. She is also starting her 3rd year of piano in Birmingham and is doing well.

So we are back to the school routines of homework, packing book bags and packing lunches. The kids are growing and I am constantly reminded of the saying that says “The days are long but the years are short.”


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