Car Wars

It seemed to be a normal Monday morning a couple of weeks ago. Lauren had an early doctor appointment before school and that went well.  I was five minutes from her school stopped at a right yield turn when we were rear-ended by a minivan. It felt as if the driver never stopped and hit us full force ahead. It was a blessing that no one was hurt in the accident at all and that was the most important thing. My chest seemed to hurt immediately and was pounding so fast that I was pretty sure it had started a new rhythm.

That small accident begin to spiral quickly. The lady who hit me ended up being arrested on the scene for a previous warrant they had out for her arrest. Yes-unbeleivable! The next twist is that the minivan she was driving happened to be a company vehicle and she had a patient in the car she was transporting to a medical appointment! Yes-more unbelievable! I cannot make this stuff up if I tried.

This incident happened almost three weeks ago and I did not realize how an event like this would have a significant impact on me and my time. I have spent numerous hours getting police reports, talking to the insurance company, getting a rental car, etc. All of this time spent for something that was not my fault. The story continued to twist as I ventured to get a rental car. They say the third time is a charm and it rang true with getting a rental car. I had three in one week! The first rental had brake light and tire pressure issues. The second rental had a key fob that did not work so I could not lock and unlock the car doors and trunk. My third one was finally a charm. I am driving a Ford Fusion-brand new and clean and it is a step up from my previous two rentals.

We got authorization finally today to take my car to the body shop to start the repair process today. The total estimate to fix is over $8000! So they will begin ordering parts and begin putting my car back together again. I am thankful to be alive and have suffered no injuries. I have a twinge of sadness though when I look at my car. I will be glad to have it again soon.


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