New Kitchen

Well..I am in the remodeling mood I guess you could say. I would not call it true remodeling, but maybe just a mini makeover. We have gotten out the paintbrushes again and this time we are painting our kitchen. This is one of the rooms we never painted when we moved in. The main reason is that I just could not settle on a color I really liked and wanted in that space. We have been in our house almost four years and we have done lots of painting that I have blogged about before. Our last project was the dining room two years ago.

As we went about choosing colors, we narrowed it down to 4 colors-two in the orange family, a yellow, and a green. It was super easy to have choices thanks to the new samples you can get now! Marvelous idea.

I was concerned because I did not want it to look like a Skittles factory with rainbow colors. The dining room is a brick-red and the family room is a light sponge-painted yellow, so I wanted to be sure that the colors flowed. I quickly dismissed the green because going from the kitchen to the dining room was too much like Christmas! I then moved away from the yellow because I already have too much yellow in the house. That left us with the two oranges. We ended up going with the lighter orange called Arizona. When you think of an orange kitchen the first thought is UGH! But, I love it. It is a nice mild apricot looking color and blends well with both rooms.

And I must say that Marcus has become quite the painter. He painted the entire kitchen all by himself and did an excellent job. No paint on my ceiling or floor. I love the color we selected and happy with my new kitchen look.


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