Canine Love-In Sickness and In Health

We have a Black Lab mix dog named Lady that has been part of our family for almost 12 years. She was our first child! She came along right after we had been married about a year and Marcus gave her to me for my college graduation. The interesting piece about that is that I grew up terribly afraid of dogs. When I was younger, I got chased by a big dog and since then I was fearful of all dogs. Yes, even 5 lb. dogs!! Well..we went to New Zealand and was there for a month and the couple we stayed with had a big German Shepherd that was part of their family and lived in the house. Can you imagine I wanted to literally stand on the couch when I found that out and just stay up there? But, standing on a guest’s couch was not the proper adult or mature thing to do so I resigned to myself that I would “fake it until I could make it” and just pretend that it was no big deal. The dog was very friendly and extremely protective and I grew to like her.

We got Lady when she was six weeks old and within a few weeks, I was in canine love. I held her, walked her, fed her and got over my fear of dogs. Recently, we found out Lady had cancer and she had to have surgery. They feel like they got all the cancer and it is the kind that will hopefully not return. She came through the surgery like a pro and has been acting great and skipping around ever since. Hearing that she had cancer made me realize how much I do love her…in sickness and in health.


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