A White Christmas

In my 35 years of living, I am sure I have never ever seen a white Christmas. First of all, I grew up in Huntsville, AL where snow comes pretty infrequently. So combine that infrequency with the December 25, the odds are pretty slim you will have a white Christmas.

Well, enter in 2010 and the odds won out. Huntsville, AL received 2-4 inches of snow I heard in some parts. The oddity is that I now live in Birmingham, AL and we did not get any snow so in my front yard there was not a white Christmas.

But, all hope was not lost. We traveled to Tennessee Christmas Day and was able to see some snow driving on the way there. It was absolutely beautiful to see. The kids were excited and it made Christmas even more special. It feels like it solidifies the season, the moments, and the day. Snow seems very peaceful and its beauty has a way of altering your mood and emotions I think.

When we got to TN, there was snow at my in-laws house and their grandmother offered to take the kids outside and play in the snow. I let them share that time together in the freezing cold weather and they had a blast!


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