New Year’s Resolutions

There is nothing magical about January 1 I have said often in the last two weeks. It is another day or date like any other date. Whatever we want to begin then, we could begin any day or even at the next breath. However, I too fall into the commonness of saying “I will do ___ starting January 1. Is that silly? Even though January 1 does not have magical powers, it is a new year which resonates as a new beginning with me and lots of others. Therefore, I have used that date time and time again to start something new.

2011 is no different and I am not sure my list is that much different than the list I had on January 1, 2005 for example. Nevertheless, I have re-committed to some goals and look forward to more changes for me and within me in 2011. Some of the items on my list include:

  • Reviving a spiritual connection with God to include daily prayer and devotion.
  • Practice healthy habits-drinking more water, exercise, better eating choices, and earlier bedtime
  • Focus on work/life blending-saying no to some work activities or events so that I can spend more time at home
  • More intentionally focused time with my husband and children
  • Taking care of me-doing things for me even when I have to say NO to others

It is a list of five things, but I think these five can help me tremendously and help me to live a better, more rewarding life. And in turn, I become a better wife, mother, and friend to all those I interact with. I look forward to my resolutions.

Happy New Year to all!


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