Braces and Me

I got braces! Wednesday was the day it all happened. The
day before my braces, I made some homemade egg rolls and bit down
into the crunchiness just because I could. And because I knew the
next day I would not be able to. It’s the little things you know! I
did three orthodontic consultations before Christmas and found a
practice I thought I would like. I chose Drs. Phillips, Todd and
Taylor in Hoover. We set the date for January 12 and I set my mind
that I was really going to do this. I never got braces as a
teenager, but wanted them just because it was the cool thing to do.
As I became an adult, I did not think about it much anymore. Within
the last few months though, I began to pay particular attention to
my bottom teeth and did not like how they were crowding and
turning. And literally the thought hit me…why not get braces? It
was a wild thought at the time but it quickly started to take
speed. Before I knew it, I was serious and was getting braces. The
entire process of getting my braces on took two hours or less and
it was a complete pain-free process. I love the orthodontist office
I selected. They are great! They explained everything thoroughly
before it was done and were extremely encouraging. Also, when I was
done I didn’t look as bad as I thought I would. I was pleasantly
surprised that I still looked like myself and there was not metal
coming out of my ears! For my braces selection, I got ceramic
braces on the top and metal braces on the bottom. In a few weeks, I
have to go to my dentist and get four extractions! I’m not looking
forward to that, but it’s part of my treatment plan. Well…I did
it and there is no turning back now. My treatment plan is for 20
months, so stay tuned as you follow me through my braces


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