Party for Mom

My mom turned 65 last month and we threw her a special surprise birthday party to capture that milestone. It was a great night. She was completely surprised and extremely appreciative.

Marcus and I were responsible for getting her to the restaurant. So..about a week before, I called her and told that we were coming in town and wanted to take her to dinner for her birthday. She quickly agreed without any questions. Mission 1 accomplished!

The special night arrives and then I kick in with Phase 2. I call her and tell I want to take some pictures of her and the kids together so I ask her to get all “dolled” up for the dinner. She said okay without hesitation. So good.

We arrive at her house on time and when we get there, we go ahead and go inside the house to stall for more time because the guests are still arriving at the party place according to the text updates I was getting from my sister. We catch up quickly, use the restroom and chat some more until we get the go ahead to continue. Phase 3 was to let my mom know that my sister decided she would meet us for dinner. I told my mom that on the way to the restaurant as my sister calls my cell phone. Mom says ok-no questions, no suspicions. By this point, my heart is beating fast and my adrenaline is pumping as we drive to the restaurant.

We get to the restaurant and my sister meets us outside pretending like she just got there. As we walk into the restaurant, the host (he was in on the surprise too!) greets us and asks how many is in our party. He leads us around the first corner and both of my brothers are there and she is surprised! She is thinking this was her surprise and we were just going to have a family dinner. But…..when she turned the 2nd corner, she moved from surprise to shock as she saw 60+ of her closet family and friends stand up and yell “Happy Birthday!!! It was an awesome moment. The look on her face was priceless as tears started to flow and I think it was the first time I saw my mom feel so loved and so appreciated beyond belief.  It took several moments for her to gain her composure because she was truly in a state of shock. She then saw the beautiful cake we had made for her and then she got a chance to walk around and say hi to all the people who came to celebrate with her. It was indeed a memorable event that we will never forget, but most importantly SHE will never forget.


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