Day 4-Braces

Ok I am four days in and I am still thinking to myself….maybe I just did not do enough research on braces?? I know people told me simply I would be sore when I went and got the regular adjustments. And that was said in a “matter of fact”, I thought simple soreness and no big deal. Well, maybe I just did not think to ask how I would feel the first few days of actually getting the braces on. I truly did not contemplate or expect what I am going through presently. I just thought I would have a list of “forbidden foods” and I would simply move on.

Yesterday was bad again and I resorted to frantically searching on the internet for a Braces Online Community Support Group! Laugh if you must, but I desperately needed to know this pain was supposed to happen and I needed to know that it is going away one day. ONe day..before the braces come off that is. I found several forums/posts that said pain should be expected for at least the first week and maybe two weeks. I found some of the same suggestions I already tried and I learned it is just a process and will get better. I am not sure I believe them!

Today, I had to go to the store to get more dental wax to help with the irritation from the brackets. The dental wax does not leave my sight for any reason. I am afraid of being anywhere without it. Yes, we have become close friends in four days!

The other nuance is getting used to eating in my braces. Eating has not been fun or enjoyable. I can only chew on one side because the rest of my teeth hurt. For whatever reason, food seems to be most enjoyable I guess when it can enter your mouth from any angle, opening or side. Being limited to a 1/8 sq.inch of your mouth on the right side somehow diminishes the taste, the quality and desire of eating. It is just too much work.

I think tomorrow I will stick to soup and smoothies.


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