Gotta Have It

The challenge question for the week is: “What is the one piece of technology you can’t live without?” When I read it, I had a quick, simple answer-my iPhone! There is no rival, without question. I absolutely love my iPhone. I have had it now for a year and I rely on it heavily. Before my iPhone, I had the Blackberry Curve and I didn’t have any complaints. But that fell right in line with the adage that says “You can’t miss what you never had!” So true. I was ok with the Blackberry because I didn’t know there was another greater, better device.
I use my phone for primarily checking my work email. But, I also use the Internet to browse and search any and every thing. And of course, I love the apps. Everything to weather, to recipes, and to navigation. It’s quick, user friendly and resourceful. If I do not have my phone when I leave, that is definitely a stop, turnaround and go back situation.
All I can say is…I gotta have it!


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