Braces Continued

Ouch!! My mouth hurts. Today, I had my first orthodontist appointment since getting my braces put on. It is like starting all over. They took the initial wire off and put a new, heavier wire on and some chains. Yes, that is right-chains! I had four extractions two weeks ago in an effort to make space for my teeth to move and align as they should. So, the chains are put on to help close the spaces I have as a result of having four teeth extracted. I am not sure which is worse-four holes in my mouth or 20+ sore teeth in my mouth. I must say that I feel like my teeth have been in abnormal distress since the beginning of the year.

January 12-Braces

February 4-Oral Surgery with four extractions

February 22-1st Orthodontic adjustment
Ok, I am 7 weeks in and it has been a journey to say the least. I was just starting to feel and eat normal and no longer “remembered” every second that I had braces.

But, today I certainly know and feel that I have braces. I am back wincing at eating anything softer than the level of mush and back to looking at the clock to see when I can pop my next dose of Tylenol.

Will this too pass? I sure hope so…soon!


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