All Apple

I got my iPhone February 2010 and that was my first introduction into an Apple product. I got the iPhone simply because everywhere I went I saw them and people kept raving about it. PLus, I was disgusted with my cell phone, the Motorola Krave. Up until that point, I had never been that big on having the latest and greatest cell phone. So, when I got the Krave I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone of both price and style. My husband was in the store strongly persuading me for once to get what I want and stop being cheap. You see, I was in the store and loved the Krave but did not love the price. It literally had just come out the week before and it was $300. Well, I stepped out of my safety zone, bit the bullet, and bought it. I loved it the first two years, but it quickly was out of style and too cumbersome to use. It was not a smart phone either.

So, when I got the iPhone, it was my first smart phone and I was instantly in love. Well, in the past two weeks I have bought an iPad and an iMac. Now, I can truly say I am in love with Apple. I have not quite learned about the things both devices will do, but as I keep learning daily I continue to love the seamless integration between all the products and just the capability of them. It has been interesting switching from a PC to a Mac and just like they say…I am not sure I will go back. The iMac has the brightest, clearest screen and graphics that I have seen. The greatest fun I have had so far has been in iPhoto. I imported all of my pictures and I have been able to organize all of them by events which is wonderful. My pictures have never been that organized! Also, I can use my wireless keyboard from my iMac with my iPad. This comes in handy when I am typing notes on my iPad or responding to my email and do not want to use the touch keyboard on the iPad. Again..a seamless integration of all products.

There is so  much more I can continue to rave about, but I will save for a later post. I am only a week in so I am sure there is more to come. As of now, I can say I am truly an Apple girl!


One thought on “All Apple

  1. Yay for making the Apple switch! I love my iPhone (as you know) and switched to a MacBook laptop a year ago (at home and at work too!) Jealous of your iPad. Looking at getting the iPad 2. And need to upgrade my iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4 (or the rumored iPhone 5 coming out this summer. …

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