Braces-Month 3

I have been in my braces now for three months and I can say that the latter is definitely greater than the first. I have had two adjustments so far and my second adjustment has been very bearable. It was not nearly as bad as my first adjustment where I had to contemplate which was worst-the first week of braces or my first adjustment. It was literally like starting all over again.
I received my second adjustment two weeks ago and they replaced me with new chains and that was it. They are focusing mostly now on just closing the spaces that my extractions created. And I personally think that is a great focus-ready for my teeth to be neighbors again instead of distant relatives! My teeth were sore for the first two days but no extreme pain like before. I wes so surprised but glad about it. If every adjustment is like this, I may not have to write about my braces for the next 17 months!


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