Lighter Weight

It is time to update on my weight loss journey again. We are in the first week of May and I have lost 20 lbs! I am about 5 lbs behind where I want to be, but I am still very happy with my progress thus far and that it is still moving in a positive direction. I am down almost a complete size and starting to reap some of the small benefits from being a smaller size. I would say the majority of people I interact with have not noticed or commented, but I still feel good on what I am doing and I am sure more will notice as I continue.

In April, I did not lose any weight and did not gain anything either so even though I did not reach my goal of 5lbs last month, I am at least glad I maintained. With my travel schedule and my limited ability to exercise regularly, I think that is a feat within itself just to maintain. My next goal was to lose 30lbs by June 1 and I may not make that, but will try to get to 25lbs by then. I am still motivated and will continue on my journey.

Let’s get it!


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