Remodeling Mice

As you have followed my blog, you have seen several posts about redecorating my house. You may think it is one of my favorite pasttimes as much as we have done. I have enjoyed painting and changing the colors around the house, but if you ask my husband, he may say differently since he ends up being the subcontractor and I serve as the general contractor!

Well, we embarked on another house project but this was due to no fault of our own. One day we came home to find we had no electricity in our family room. We discovered that a mice had gotten in the house between the two floors and chewed some electrical wiring which caused us to lose power completely in the family room. As a result, we had to cut the wall open to fix the wiring and try to clean out the area where the mice had been. That led to sheetrock, new wall, and re-painting. My family room had custom paint with a sponge design in it so I was a bit disappointed because I knew it would be hard to re-create. We decided to not try and go with the custom look and just searched for a comparable paint color. The whole process of getting the wiring fixed, wall done and re-painting spanned a period of 2-3 weeks and we were finally complete.

I would have never thought that mice would cause us to go into remodeling mode. So tiny, but created much damage and expense unnecessarily. You can see the transformation pictures below:


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