Bop It!

Lauren got the game Bop It for Christmas and it has been a hit at the house with more than just her. Often, Marcus and I will play and engage in a friendly competition with it. It is a handheld game that shouts commands and you have to respond by doing what it asks in a quick fashion. Recently, I was cooking in the kitchen and heard the game being played and knew that Lauren was supposed to be upstairs practicing her piano. Ready to walk around the corner to see why she was not doing what she was told, I found Lucas playing Bop It intently. I was so blown away at the age of three he was able to keep up with the commands and respond quickly. I would have never thought he could play that game! I learned a few quick lessons from that: 1) Do not underestimate the ability of your children no matter what the age and 2) If Lucas can follow the Bop It instructions, he surely understands what I am asking him!


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