Disney World Vacation II

Last year, we ventured to Disney World and that was our first return trip since the last time in 2006. So, this time we had two kids instead of one. We went the week of July 4 and I was nervous about that because the time of the year. When we went in May 2006, it was great timing because school was still in and the lines were not toot long. Well, we had a pleasant surprise because that week is was not crowded, but not to the extreme like I expected.The most we waited in lines were 45 minutes occasionally and the weather was in the high 80’s or low 90’s which was great for that time of year.

This time, we did Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. Some of the biggest hits for the kids were the character meet and greets, getting autographs, and of course the rides! Also, I think they had just as much fun with the water bottles with the misting fans as we strolled around the parks.

I was also surprised at the bravery of my daughter and son as they attempted to ride every roller coaster they were tall and big enough to ride. Lauren got on Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom with Marcus and was begging to go on it again as I got sick just watching the ride. I don’t know if it is my older age or just my nerves are bad….but I did not have any desire at all to step one toe towards those rides.

Also, while we were there Lauren celebrated her 7-year-old birthday and we had a small family party at our condo. We had cupcakes and opened presents. Then we all put on our swim gear and hit the pool for a relaxing afternoon. Then later that night, we took her to the Arabian Nights show there and she enjoyed it. Overall, it was a great week at Disney with good weather, good accommodations, and good company. Maybe we will venture there again in another four years. The kids will be 12 and 7 and those would still be good ages. You never know..maybe my pendulum will swing the other way and I will be the one in line at Expedition Everest. It just may take me four years to get my nerve up!


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