I am opposed to expired things. My husband makes fun of me all the time because I will throw away something if it’s about to expire. I just have this thing with taking, using, or eating anything that has an expiration date on it that has past. And it goes for all things-medicine, unopened food, opened food, packaged materials, etc. Without exception!

This morning I was making my grocery list and went to my spice cabinet to see if I had any basil. I found the basil but it was expired. And so was about 15 of my spices in my cabinet! All to the trash they went. Some were brand new and not opened and most of them were spices that I had used once or twice. It is spices that I probably bought for a recipe but they are not my typical go-to spices like onion and garlic powder. I had a brand new bottle of marjoram, saigon cinnamon, rosemary/dill blend, and cream of tartar. Most were a result of huge sale at Publix over a year ago where I got them for $.50. So not a lot of money spent, but it proves to me I should not buy things on sale if I am not going to use them. So, here are pics of my expired seasonings I had to say goodbye to:


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