Books and Nooks

Nook Color

Last year’s Christmas, I unwrapped my favorite present of all last year-my Nook Color. I was in the bookstore one day last year and ran across this device and fell in love with it. I have always loved to read, but in past years have not experienced reading much at all just due to time and schedules. But that day in the bookstore, I got re-inspired to start reading again. So I asked Marcus to add this to my Christmas Wish List and I was ecstatic when my wish came true.

Since Christmas, I have enjoyed the novelty of reading again even thought my time is very limited to read. On the Nook Color, I can also enjoy reading my favorite magazines in color and it is as if the magazine is sitting right there in my lap. Also, the color version comes in handy for kids’ picture books and makes it all come to life.

There are many people that vascillate between the notion of a “real” book that you can hold vs. an “e-reader”. I have not missed holding or carrying books at all. My reading experience still seems “real” to me even though it is an electronic device. For to me, I just see it as a convenient, portable library!


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