Who is Craig?

Craig’s List? I am not sure who “Craig” is, but  I just had an experience with him it this weekend. As part of my chore list and de-cluttering, I took the opportunity to put some items up for sale on Craig’s list to see if I could sell them. Wow! I literally put something on there and it sold in ten minutes and is the quickest cash I have ever made. I have sold many items on eBay before and that seemed easy to me. However with eBay, you need an account, the listing process is probably a couple minutes longer, there is a slight cost to sell on there, and you have to ship it to the lucky seller. With Craig’s list, I did not need an account, it took two clicks, it was free, and you did with local people that can come and pick up the item. It was practically effortless.

I put a girl’s bin organizer on Craig’s list to sell and within ten minutes I received an email from someone who wanted to buy it. She met me the next day and picked it up and gave me cash-the exact asking price I posted! It took me longer to go and pick this out at the store when I bought it than it did to sell it. That is amazing. This is a great testament to technology and how with a couple of clicks, you can have an individual yard item sale. I am not sure who Craig is or what is the history behind this new “local yard sale technology”, but I am glad because it brought me some easy money. It is worth trying.


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