Hanging Pasta

Fettucine alfredo ranks at the top as one of my favorite foods! I absolutely love it. When it comes to sauces, alfredo is always my first pick and pesto comes in a strong second. Red sauces such as marinara do not typically make my top choices if alfredo is on the menu.

But my post today is not about my favorite foods. It is about HOW to eat one of my favorite foods called pasta. I have recently been interested in etiquette and all the do’s and dont’s of proper manners at the table specifically. Lately, I have observed that there are lots of people out there who do not know how to eat pasta! I do not claim to be an expert, but I must say I am glad to say that I know how and I try to practice it.

I will never forget the moment of truth for me around this. I was in college and out to lunch with my boss from my student job on campus. We were at Olive Garden eating fettucine alfredo and she stopped me mid-eating and told me to get my face out of my bowl! Yes, she did. My pasta was hanging out of my mouth and I had my face, head, and shoulders all engaged and bent down trying to slurp it up and get it all in my mouth. Hanging pasta!

She gave me an etiquette lesson I will never forget about how to eat pasta. She politely told me to pick up the spoon they had put in the pasta bowl and she showed me how to pick up the pasta with my fork and then twirl it on the spoon. Wow! I never knew or thought about why they always gave you a spoon with pasta. So, from that day forward I have committed to not having any more hanging pasta. But, it is amazing to me how most people I have seen over the years do not do this including my kids. That is the worst sight-to see someone eating spaghetti and slurping or their head burrowed so far in their bowl, you cannot even see their eyes. That used to be me. Now, I have moved from hanging pasta to a pasta twirler. I am trying to teach my kids the same.


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