Writer in the Making

I enjoy writing which may be obvious since I have a blog. I enjoy reading as well, so I have often wondered does the two go hand in hand? My daughter Lauren is a great reader at the age of eight and she loves books! She also may be a writer in the making. As part of her school work, they are encouraged to keep a journal (which I love) and this gives them time individually to write and also to have some quiet time while the teacher may be working with other students. One of her recent assignments was to write a personal narrative and the goal of the assignment was to include sensory details and work on sentence structure. I haven’t read much of Lauren’s journal thus far, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how she wrote and what she would write about. I thought for an 8-year old she did really well. She definitely included lots of sensory detail and seemed to understand the goal of the assignment. Also, I was pleased with her correct spelling and using correct grammar and punctuation in her narrative.

I have included it below because 1) I am a proud mommy! and 2) she just may be a writer in the making!

My Cruise Story

When I went on my cruise, we went to Mexico.  It was really, really hot.  I drank a lot of water.  Sweat was pouring down my face!  I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker.  I was dragging myself. Every second felt like a minute.

I went swimming. I also went snorkeling. I had a blast!  I saw a starfish. I saw schools of fish. I even saw a fish that looked like Dorothy in the movie Finding Nemo.  I saw red, blue and purple fish.  When I saw a seahorse I almost screamed. I have never seen a seahorse before.  But luckily, I didn’t scream.

The guy who swam with me went down and blew a tiny ring. Then it grew and grew and grew.  Then he swam right through it.  I wondered how he could do this then, it hit me, this guy is a professional.  These are the fun things I did on my cruise.

Written By:  Lauren Mason


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